Omis is a small town (population around 7.000) located in the heart of Dalmatia, between Split and Makarska, on the mouth of river Cetina. Due to its ideal location, Omis has always been a favorite starting point to explore this remarkable part of Croatian coast, with its beautiful islands, rich historical heritage and abundance of cultural events. Ancient Roman city of Salona and its modern day counterpart - Split (population ca. 200.000) are half a hour drive away. Islands Brac, Hvar and Vis are also within reach from the Croatia's busiest ferry port - Split.

Split. With population of about 200.000, Split is the second largest Croatian city. Only 30 kilometers from Stanici (see map) it can be reached in half an hour by car or bus. The city itself was built around ancient retirement retreat of Roman emperor Diocletian. He picked this spot although he could choose any spot in the known world. From then until today, Split remained city of interesting cultural heritage as well as main ferry port to Dalmatian islands.

Cetina river. Mouth of river Cetina is located in the very town of Omis, only 4 kilometers from our house. In its lower part, the river is calm, suitable for swimming and fishing. In its upper part the river is ideal for rafting and canyonig. You will find more information about all of this on our site.

Makarska and Biokovo. Also only 30 kilometers from Stanici, but to the south, you will find a well known tourist city of Makarska (population: 14.000, see map). Immediately above Makarska is Biokovo massif (height 1.762 m - 5.800 feet) with the nature park of the same name, famous for its broad views of Makarska, Adriatic sea, islands and inland.




Through the history, Omis was notorious for its fierce pirats, among the most dangerous in whole of the Mediterranean. Exploring its historic core, you will find proofs of its long and exciting history.


In the city of Omis, as well as in neghboring towns and communities, you will find numerous caffe bars, restaurants and traditional Dalmatian taverns ("konobas"). Mediterranean cuisine - olive oil, fish, all kinds of seafood, locally grown vegatables and wine are all part of tradition of this part of Adriatic and the best way to experience its tradition.


Numerous beaches, lagoons and bays, scent of Mediterranean plants in the air, ubiqitous background sound of Adriatic crickets, rich cultural heritage and gastronomic offer, fresh air and crystal clear sea make this part of Dalmatian coast an ideal refugee for a break in today's hectic life style.

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