Due to its ideal location, Omis has always been a favorite starting point to explore this remarkable part of Croatian coast, with its beautiful islands, rich historical heritage and abundance of cultural events. Ancient Roman city of Salona and its modern day counterpart - Split (population ca. 200.000) are half a hour drive away. Islands Brac, Hvar and Vis are also within reach from the Croatia's busiest ferry port - Split.Omiš i okolna mjesta


Only 30 km from Omis and our house in Stanici lays the city of Split. Administrative, university, cultural, traffic and geographic centre of Croatian Adriatic, it is ideal place for one whole day trip. From its ferry port, one of the busiest in whole Mediterranean, you can also visit some of the nearby islands.
From the historical standpoint, city best known from the times of Roman emperor Diocletian who picked this spot to build his grand palace. In a modern day Split, core of this old palace forms a city center and is clearly visible on city maps and panoramic pictures. Besides Dubrovnik's famous city walls, Diocletian's palace is one of the best preserved architectural and cultural monuments in Croatia. During the summer months, the palace and the city itself are home to a number of concerts, theatre performances and other manifestations, known as "Split Summer Festival".


Only a few kilometers from Split you will find archeological site of Salona. At the peak of its power (ca. I - IV century) Salona was the administrative center of whole Dalmatian province and its population reached 60.000. One of the most well-known archeological artifacts found in Croatia, "Woman's head from Salona", was found on this site.


Further 20 km down from Split lays another Roman town - Trogir. Founded almost 2.500 years ago by the Greek merchants from the island of Vis (Greek Issa), today its ancient cultural heritage is protected by UNESCO. Besides city walls, its streets and historical center, one of the best known features is the west portal of St. John's catedral - a masterpiece of master Radovan from mid 13th century.

Otoci i parkovi prirodeSibenik

80 km down the Adriatic road (one of the most romantic roads in Europe in opinion of German's auto club - ADAC - members) from Stanici, is the city of Sibenik, famous for its cathedral, also part of the world cultural heritage protected by UNESCO. On the way to Sibenik, do not miss a pictoresque old town of Primosten, situated on the peninsula close to the main road. Famous Primosten vineyards, carved in the hard Dalmatian stone have a status of national monument in Croatia, and are recognized as a triumph of human will and effort over the harsh nature by United Nations. Picture of this very vineyards is the first thing one notices when entering United Nations building in New York.

Makarska and Biokovo

Only 35 km to the south of Stanici is the tourist center of Makarska (population 14.000), with mountain massif of Biokovo towering over it. Besides Split, Makarska is also an ideal place for one day trip, night out or for a hiking trip in Biokovo nature park.


Located in south of Bosnia and Herzegovina's Herzegovina province is Medjugorje, renowned place of pilgrimage for Catholics around the world. It is easily reachable from Stanici (see map), with road that also passes through the old city of Mostar, famous for its architecture dating from Ottoman rule over the city, especially the old bridge over the Neretva river.


Approximately 2 and a half hours south from Stanici is Dubrovnik. Named by Bernard Shay as "The pearl of the Adriatic", it remained known as such until today. Truly unique experience in terms of culture, architecture, history and everyday life of its inhabitants, Dubrovnik is not to be omitted from your holiday schedule.

Islands, national parks and nature parks

In addition to the park closest to Stanici, Biokovo nature park, national parks of Krka and Kornati archipelago or Vransko jezero are within reach for a day trip. From the ferry port of Split you will easily reach islands of Brac, Hvar and Korcula.


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